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So, You Over Did It; Here’s How to Hit Reset

Maybe it was a holiday work party. Or your bestie’s wedding. Hey, it could’ve just been a happy hour at your favorite dive bar. Whatever the reason, we’ve all been there. You overdid it. You drank too much. You ate too much. Or maybe both.

But don’t hop on the self-loathing train with stops at could of, should of, and would of. Hating yourself is counterproductive and unnecessary. And that extreme detox or cleanse you’re considering is ill-advised.  

Instead, check out our day-after cheat sheet below for proven tips. Why not bookmark this page? Because everyone overdoes it from time to time. 😉


  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
    No surprise that this tops the list. Alcohol is a diuretic. Those bevies cause you to pee more, so you lose tons of fluid. Some of the most common hangover symptoms – headache and nausea – are due to dehydration. Hydration is also important if you ate too much. The liquid will be absorbed by any soluble fiber in your system and help push last night’s greasy patty melt and garlic fries through the digestive tract. In other words, it will reduce the bloat by helping you poop. Fruit and veggie juices are also great hydration helpers.

  2. Sip on Bone Broth
    Despite common belief, your body needs a certain amount of sodium and other electrolytes to function well. Try sipping on some, as it may help you rehydrate and replete the amount you lost. Bone broth gets bonus points because it’s high in water and the gut-supporting amino acid L-glutamine.

  3. Eat Well
    It’s an urban myth that it’s best to have a greasy breakfast the morning after you’ve partied hard. Sure, it may help soothe you emotionally, but what your body is really craving is a homemade meal with the right balance of fats, proteins, fiber and carbs. Avocado toast may be one of the best hangover foods out there. Avocado is a good source of potassium, and its healthy fats may help satisfy your craving for greasier fare. 

  4. Take a Walk
    Follow your healthy breakfast with a brisk 30-to-45-minute walk. Whatever your indulgence, physical activity will help stimulate muscles in your lower digestive tract and thus encourage your GI system to run smoothly and regularly. What’s more, fresh air and sunlight can boost energy levels. 

  5. Maintain Perspective
    A common response after a big night of eating or drinking is to restrict severely (detox or cleanse) your food intake to make up for yesterday’s overindulgence. Instead, think about the choices that naturally energize you and act accordingly. 

  6. Recovery Supplementation
    Next time you overdo it, consider a digestive support supplement. Many of your icky digestive issues are because your body is struggling to break down the sugar in that luscious Irish Cream or the dairy in that late-night plate of nachos. Digestive Enzymes and No Bloat from Zenwise® with natural enzymes and probiotics can help weather the indulgence aftermath. 

Cheers to great times with those that matter to us most and tasty treats!

We hope these recommendations will give your digestive tract the advantage it needs to recover from even your most indulgent choices. As always, if you have any questions or comments for us, feel free to leave a comment below.

Or, you can reach out to us directly at (800) 940-1972 or via email at

And, if you are looking for a detailed punch list for cleaning up your act the day after indulging? Check out our free downloadable E-Book: 3 Day Gut Health Resets.

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