Digestive Enzymes +

With Pre & Probiotics

UPC: 810091720042 Key Benefits
  • Conquer Hard-to-Digest Foods
  • Control Regularity
  • Supports Healthy Digestion
  • Promotes Immune System Support
Key Ingredients
  •   Price:$19.97

Key Ingredients

  • Reliably Alive™ Probiotic

    No refrigeration needed

  • 10-Strain Probiotic Blend to support

    gut flora and normal bowel movements

  • Advanced enzyme and prebiotic

    to support normal digestion

How Your Entire Body Benefits

What happens in your gut doesn’t just impact digestion, but also mood, sleep, heart, and immune health. With 70% of your immune system residing in the small intestine, a healthy gut also helps ensure a healthy immune system. The Reliably Alive™ probiotics in Digestive Enzymes + support gut health and good health.

Why Replenishing Enzymes Is So Important

Digestive enzymes are proteins that help break down foods so your body can better digest and absorb nutrients. After age 20, your body starts producing fewer enzymes which can make digesting certain foods harder, leading to stomach woes. Replenishing those with Digestive Enzymes + can help you enjoy digestive delight.

Not All Probiotics Are Created Equal

Probiotics can provide great benefits, but they won’t do you any good if they aren’t alive. Our feature probiotic, DE111® is clinically proven to be Reliably Alive™. These spore-forming probiotics will survive to their optimal destination in the small intestine where they begin working within hours of consumption.

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