Our Story

At Zenwise®, we believe the key to good health is gut health. This belief is the foundation of our entire product line, featuring targeted digestive enzymes, pre and probiotics, and botanicals for optimum health.

We are guided by a philosophy called “Consciously Wise Nourishment.” Every formula is steeped in ancient Zen tradition and validated by modern science-based wisdom.

Our Products + Ingredients

Your digestive tract influences nearly every bodily function. It’s where good and bad bacteria – your microbiome – resides, and food is broken down and utilized by the body. Importantly, it’s also home to 70% of your immune system. We believe a daily probiotic replenishing digestive enzymes and other key nutrients are vital to overall health.

At the root of many Zenwise® digestive products is Reliably Alive™ DE111® probiotic. It’s clinically proven to survive passage through harsh stomach acids and arrive alive in the small intestine where 90% of nutrient absorption occurs, and 70% of the immune system resides. Find DE111® in our bestselling Digestive Enzymes and other products.

Your GI tract is also home to critical digestive enzymes that help break down food and convert them into fuel for your body. Research suggests that after the age of 20, enzyme production slows. Certain foods, such as meat, dairy, and fried foods, can be tougher to digest. That’s why you’ll find key digestive enzymes in ENDigestion®, ReplENZYMES®, and more.

We understand that being well goes beyond the gut. Besides gut support, you’ll also find effective ingredients targeting common concerns such as Chill Probiotic, Focus Probiotic, Sleep Probiotic, and Beauty Probiotic. Zenwise® also offers supplements to round out your wellness regime, including Green Tea Fat Burner Gummies, and others.

Importantly, we do everything with a plant-powered approach. Why? Research suggests that a plant-forward diet positively impacts gut health and overall health. We offer AVA-Certified Vegan and Vegetarian solutions to top health concerns. Customers love our sustainably sourced essential nutrients, including Vegan Omega-3 and Vegan Joint Support


The world of digestive health is complicated, which is why we place an equally dedicated focus on research and education, partnering with experts in development, nutrition, and wellness to help simplify a routine for better digestive health.

We offer informative, easy-to-understand articles based on the latest scientific research affecting your well-being. Zenwise® partners with experts in the field, such as The Fairy Gutmother, who offers her commonsense advice to all things gut.

Where are Zenwise® supplements made?

We are committed to developing, manufacturing, and distributing premium supplements. All our products are produced at certified cGMP facilities in the United States. Most of our products are made with non-GMO ingredients, and many are Certified AVA-Vegan or Certified AVA-Vegetarian.

Customers can also rest easy knowing that our quality assurance team diligently tests products from every lot. We partner with the top dietary supplement sourcing companies to offer science-backed solutions our customers can trust.