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Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Enzymes: A Three-In-One Solution

Have you been learning more about the importance of gut health?

Indeed, there’s plenty of info out there confirming its role in countless aspects of your well-being, including the immune system, mood, sleep, heart, nutrition, and even skin health.

Or perhaps you’re struggling with digestive upsets – gas, bloating, indigestion -- and simply want to reset your gut.

Either way, you are probably on the hunt for a solution. But let’s face it, supplement buying can be confusing, and not to mention, expensive.

You can end up spiraling into a digestive supplement rabbit hole. Yikes!

Some companies may take advantage of your inexperience and advise multiple supplements when just one could do the trick. That’s just wrong!

Before adding three more supplement bottles to your overflowing medicine cabinet, let’s explore a different way to cover all your digestive health bases and learn…

The Zen of a Three-in-One Supplement

In past articles, we’ve discussed the importance of probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes on your gut microbiome.

Probiotics are the healthy microflora that live in you your digestive tract and prebiotics are the nutrients that they use to thrive. Digestive enzymes are critical in breaking down food, and insufficient enzyme production may lead to digestive troubles.

However, we haven’t yet discussed the added benefits of taking all three of these together.

Probiotics + Prebiotics: Survive and Thrive

Symbiotic is a term used to describe dietary supplements that contain both prebiotics and probiotics together.

Their purpose is to boost the number of probiotic bacteria that become established in your digestive tract by providing a source of energy for them.

Simply put, prebiotics help probiotics survive and thrive. When the synergistic effect is optimized between these two, the beneficial effects of each are optimized.

Digestive Enzymes: The Third Pillar

Many health-conscious people already support their gut health with a probiotic/prebiotic, which can be great for maintaining healthy gut flora. But, as effective as this duo is, taking them alone is only half the battle.

They are best paired with digestive enzymes, and here’s why. Digestive enzymes do much heavy lifting when it comes to gut health. They break down food, absorb nutrition for energy, and may reduce digestive issues.

Common foods, such as meat, fried foods, dairy, and raw veggies, may be tough to digest, and that’s where a supplement can help.

Covering Your Bases

Establishing positive habits can be challenging. That’s why experts suggest activities you’re more apt to do because they’re easier—for instance, taking a walk from your front door instead of driving to the gym across town.

And we’re betting your supplementation game could benefit from a little easy too.

Instead of shelling out a lot of money on a slew of digestive aids, how about selecting just one that does everything? Chances are you’ll stick with it if you have only one product to contend with.

The Zenwise Logic

Here at Zenwise, we want to help you cover all your bases with our flagship product, Digestive Enzymes.

First, it supports the digestive system with pre and probiotics, formulated with DE111 (Bacillus subtilis), a Reliably Alive, spore-forming probiotic.

Then it follows up with a combination of hard-working natural enzymes to help break down foods, improve nutrient absorption, and tackle occasional bloating and irregularity.

Have more questions about digestive health supplementation? Our Customer Service Team can’t wait to help! We’re available to answer your questions seven days a week at or M-F from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at (800) 940-1972.


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