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Is Cold Therapy Worth It? Take The Plunge Into Its Surprising Benefits

What is Cold Exposure Therapy?

Those folks who love a mid-winter Polar Bear Swim may not be that crazy after all. Cold exposure – whether it’s a dip in icy water, a cold shower, or whole-body cryotherapy – may have health benefits.

We decided to plunge into this trending health topic that everyone is talking about. Is there real science behind cold therapy, and what are the potential risks?

Keep reading as delve into the surprising …


Health benefits of cold-water therapy

In a nutshell, cold water therapy uses exposure to cold water that’s around 59°F (15°C) to treat health conditions or promote health benefits.

Folks have been getting their cold water shiver on for thousands of years. In fact, in Russia, people have been “ice swimming” since the 1500s!

Fast forward to today, and cold water dips are more popular than ever with health influencers, athletes, trainers, and others.

Proponents praise the chilly practice for its seemingly endless benefits, including circulation, sleep, weight loss, and more.

While some of the health claims are unsupported by science, many others have been proven by science.


Reduces Post-Exercise Muscle Soreness

We’ve all seen images of professional athletes soaking in tubs of icy cold water after an intense game, workout, or competition. This common practice has been proven to reduce future muscle soreness. 

A 2011 study found that competitive cyclists decreased soreness after they immersed in cold water for 10 minutes. And a 2016 study reaffirmed those findings.

Medical experts say cold water helps with the pain because it causes your blood vessels to constrict. When you reduce blood flow to an area – like an injury you’re icing – it helps reduce swelling and inflammation.


Bolsters Immunity

Yes, we know what your mom said about putting on a coat or you’ll catch a cold but keep reading! There’s some evidence that going from a hot to cold shower may protect you from circulating viruses. The theory is that the shock of cold water stimulates the blood cells that fight off infection.

One study in the Netherlands found that folks who switched to cold showers for 30, 60, or 90 seconds for 90 days called out sick from work 29% less than people who didn’t switch to cold showers.

For more info on immune support, read Your Immune System and Your Gut.


May Ease Depression Symptoms

There is limited research on the effects of cold water therapy on depression. However, the existing research is promising. 

In one clinical study, participants who took daily cold showers for several months reported decreased depression symptoms. And other research suggests that cold water my boost mood and decrease anxiety. Still, it’s important to note that cold water is not a cure for any mental health condition.


Safety Tips

Less is more when it comes to cold water therapy. Pro Tip: Start with a warm to cold shower first. And talk to your doctor first if you suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease.

If you’re swimming in cold open water, it’s best to have a buddy nearby. And always warm up after an icy plunge.

"When you get out, you want to immediately take off the wet clothes and put on warm, dry layers and drink something warm," says Dr. Tracy Zaslow, of Cedars-Sinai. "You don't want to jump into a flaming hot shower right away. That will cause your blood vessels to relax or dilate, and you could pass out."

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