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How to Travel Like a Gut Health Pro

From munching delectable street tacos to slurping up frosty cocktails, the very nature of travel is to experience “all the things.”

We’re not about to stop you from your well-deserved adventure. You do you!

But before you board that plane, train, or automobile, we’d like you to remember your hard-working gut. As any frequent traveler can attest to, a troubled gut can make or break even the most meticulously planned getaways.

We’ve gathered six of our favorite tips for during and after your next sojourn. Keep reading because Travel Gut Health Pro status is closer than you think. (Sorry, but it won’t give you priority boarding status!)

  1. Supplement Savvy
    Managing your 2-3 oz. toiletries can be tricky; we get it. But don’t let your supplements fall into the deep dark reaches of your luggage. Travel has many variables, but being consistent with your supplements can help keep things balanced. Digestive Enzymes in travel tins are especially helpful during travel when you are eating foods that aren’t common to your digestive system. And now we also offer No Bloat, another travel gut health lifesaver in convenient travel tins, too.

  2. Just Add Water
    You’re probably vigilant about regularly filling and refilling that water bottle at home and the office. But what happens when you vamoose from your familiar confines and take to the road? Likely, you may neglect vacation hydration, and that's a big mistake as dehydration is a major cause of constipation. Pack an empty reusable water bottle for air travel and fill up at the water stations near the gates. For road trips or camping, consider toting a large H20 container with which you can refill your water bottles with.

  3. Get Moving
    With all its digestive health benefits, exercise is especially important while traveling. Like hydration, getting enough movement in your travel day can be tricky. But there are plenty of ways to sneak in your steps, even if your day is filled with planes, trains, and automobiles. Wear good walking shoes, so you can take a brisk walk whenever possible. Exploring a new city? Consider ditching the car, skipping the parking headache, and renting bikes for a movement infusion. Are you stuck in a hotel without a gym? Pace the halls or climb those stairs to up your physical activity tally. Your gut will thank you! Check out Uncovering the Gut’s Role in Exercise Motivation for more deets.

  4. Indulge Intentionally
    Remember that street taco from the beginning of this post? There may be better choices. Try to scope out all the food options and pick the ones that look like the safest bets. The last thing you want to experience on your trip is a foodborne illness or traveler’s diarrhea. Ensure the water is safe to drink, use caution in purchasing food from street vendors, avoid consuming food that has been held without temperature control, and avoid unpasteurized milk, juice, or dairy product. While you’re at it, practice good personal hygiene, such as washing hands before eating or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer if soap and running water are unavailable.

  5. Mind Your ZZZs
    Disruptions in your sleep pattern, or circadian rhythm, can be hard to kick when you’re gallivanting across time zones. It’s of particular concern for digestive health because circadian rhythms also play a role in the activity of your gut microbiome. To reduce the effects of jet lag, start your travel well-rested, minimize your alcohol and caffeine intake, and try to sleep on the flight if it’s nighttime at your destination. Looking for more tips? Head to 10 Healthy Gut Tips For Your Next Trip.

  6. Shout-Out to Future You
    Chances are you’ll feel a little off kilter upon normal life re-entry. Prepare to do a post-trip reset and submit a grocery order for the day you return so you don't find yourself ordering takeout for the week following your trip. Your travel-weary gut will appreciate easily digestible smoothies, blended soups, and bone broth. Enter your email below for our easy-to-follow, downloadable, 3-Day Gut Reset Plan.

Looking for more support in your health and wellness journey? When it comes to digestive health, Zenwise® has got you covered. Contact our Customer Service Team, who can answer your questions seven days a week at or M-F from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at (800) 940-1972.

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