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Don’t Travel Without These 7 Must-Haves

The summer travel season is in full swing, and the goal is to pack smart. Are you with us? Awesome! We headed to TikTok because – duh! -- that’s where all the viral sensations debut. And boy, are we ever excited about what we found.

Heck, some of these can’t-travel-without items may make their way into our can’t-live-without category! We also added some all-natural products that will keep you nourished and healthy when you’re on the go.

Take a look at what we found. You can thank us later!

  1. BAGSMART Compression Packing Cubes for Suitcases
    (Check price on Amazon)
    Whether you’re packing for a 10-day European adventure or an extended weekend getaway, these babies are lifesavers. You’ll be able to fit in a ton more with room to spare.

  2. iWalk Mini Portable Charger
    (Check price on Amazon)
    You’ll wonder what you did without this small but mighty gadget. Connect it to your device, and you’ll hardly notice it’s there.

  3. Sweetude 3 in 1 Travel Luggage Cup Holder
    (Check price on Amazon)
    It’s the most genius invention that you never knew you needed! What can it do? Well, it can carry up to two drinks, and there’s also a back pocket that can carry your phone, boarding pass, etc. Oh yeah, and there’s a strap if you ever want to use it as a purse.

  4. Brita Insulated Filtered Water Bottle
    (Check price on Amazon)
    A water bottle with a built-in filter means you’ll drink clean water wherever you are. We love it because it supports healthy hydration, which is so important while traveling. Need more travel tips? Check out 10 Healthy Gut Tips For Your Next Trip.

  5. ALLEYOPP Portable Travel Razor
    (Check price on Amazon)
    This baby is magic. It includes two razor cartridges, a tiny spray bottle, and a Shea Butter moisturizing bar. What’s not to love?

  6. Fresh Snacks
    Sometimes in our rush to get out the door, we forget these. Don’t. You’ll love munching on that bag of grapes (freeze them the night before!), noshing on granola, eating an apple, or enjoying a cheese stick. The fiber in fresh fruit or whole grain snacks can also keep you regular and your gut healthy. Read 3 Tips to Support Your Gut Right Now for more digestive health tips.

  7. Digestive Enzymes Travel Tin Edition
    OK, let’s get real here. Chances are your healthy routine may go out the window, right? That’s why it may be wise to pack some digestive support. While we may be partial, we’re big fans of our Digestive Enzymes. These AVA-Certified Vegetarian supplements available in convenient On-The-Go tins are compact and ready for adventure. Tuck them into your purse or pocket to fend off occasional gas, bloating, and stomach upsets that can put a damper on your vacation plans.

Looking for additional digestive supplement advice before your big trip? Our knowledgeable customer service team is ready to help. Reach them at or M-F from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST at (800) 940-1972.

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