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After-Work Chill Advice


After-Work Chill Advice

Back-to-back Zoom calls. A boss with unrealistic expectations. Drop-dead deadlines that just about kill you. Workday stressors can add up! No wonder, so many of us take our jobs home with us without realizing it.

But there are strategies to prevent job stress from seeping into your precious non-work life. The key is to leave work at work as much as you possibly can.

It’s important to create a post-work ritual that helps you unwind after a stressful day a work. The goal is to make a mental habit of relaxing your mind and letting go of job-related crazies ASAP!

Everyone’s got their own after-work chill sweet spot. Here’s mine:

  1. Prepare a nutritious dinner
    It might not work for everyone, but cooking after work helps me to wind down. According to Psychology Today, if you make a habit of cooking after work, you’ll start to associate it with switching your brain to home mode. And unlike vegging out on the sofa with a reality show, cooking is a healthful activity that can nourish your creativity, too. But don’t beat yourself up if you feel too bushed to prepare something fancy. Repurposing leftovers – like adding last night’s leftover grilled chicken to a big salad – is allowed!
  2. Dog Time = Chill Time
    Nothing helps me shake off the day more than taking my dogs for a walk after dinner. In fact, research has shown that being around a dog can lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol[i]. Plus, being outside and breathing in the fresh air helps shed the chaos of the workday. And it doesn't hurt that I'm adding more "steps" to my day.
  3. More Me Time
    I try to do something for 30 minutes that deepens my understanding of myself. It’s not as hard as it sounds, either. Sometimes I read a good book or jot down some thoughts in a journal. Other times, I meditate for a short period of time. I’ve found plenty of free guided meditations online to help quell my monkey mind! Finally, at least an hour before bedtime, I power down all my devices, take care of personal hygiene, and prepare for sleep.
  4. Take a Chill Pill
    Thankfully, not all my workdays are super stressful days. But when they are, I reach for Zenwise® Probiotic + Kombucha + Chill, a unique formula that helps the body maintain balance while promoting a calm and positive mood. I typically take this supplement when I first get home. I like that it not only provides gut-friendly probiotics but also offers Sensoril® Ashwagandha and a Mood and Chill Support Blend to promote calmness and help diffuse occasional work stress. Plus, the Kombucha Gut Health Blend offers fermented green tea goodness without the bitter taste.

Written by: Claudia Thompson, PhD, RD

*This post is a sponsored collaboration with Zenwise. As always, all opinions are my own.



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