Women’s Probiotics

With 10 Digestive Enzymes

UPC: 810091720318 Key Benefits
  • Supports gut flora, regularity and immunity
  • Helps reduce gas, bloating and discomfort
  • Supports healthy yeast levels; inhibits candida growth
  • Conquers hard-to-digest foods
Key Ingredients
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Key Ingredients

  • Clinically Proven DE111® Reliably Alive™ promotes urinary health and proper yeast populations.

  • 10 Strain Spore-forming Probiotics create a healthy gut microflora for overall digestive support.

  • Digestive Enzymes break down hard-to-digest foods and support normal digestion.

Created for Women: When Probiotics Alone Aren’t Enough

10 Strains of Reliably Alive™ Probiotics

Clinically proven Reliably Alive™ DE111® is guaranteed to arrive alive and work within hours (not days!) in the small intestine where 90% of nutrient absorption occurs and 70% of the immune system resides. In-vitro studies show DE111® inhibits candida growth and promotes overall women’s health. Supports vaginal health and proper yeast levels.

When Probiotics Alone Aren’t Enough

Proprietary Enzyme + Prebiotic Blend replenishes digestive enzymes that may decline with age. Key digestive enzymes conquer hard-to-digest foods, such as dairy, meat, and raw veggies, that may lead to digestive discomfort. Select herbals, such as ginger and turmeric, support healthy digestion.

Probiotics As Unique As You!

The key to good health is gut health, and that’s especially true for women. Women’s Probiotics help reduce gas, bloating and discomfort, but they also support vaginal health and proper yeast levels. Add the power of digestive enzymes, and you can rest assured that you’ve chosen a formula that checks all the boxes for overall women’s health.

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