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What is a Sleep Routine and Why You Need One

It’s not exactly news that sufficient shuteye is crucial to overall health.  But did you know that not sleeping well can take a toll on gut health? And visa versa?


Lack of sleep can increase stress, which affects the gut. Plus, it can affect dietary choices because you’re more apt to turn to unhealthy foods for quick energy bumps. (Looking at you, chocolate glazed donut and triple espresso!).


And if that wasn’t bad enough, a lack of sleep affects the hormone melatonin, which can trigger GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease.


Digestive health can play a role in how well you sleep, and sleep can affect how well the digestive system functions. It’s a two-way street!


Sleep experts say the key to quality rest is a sleep routine. Sleep routines are simple lifestyle changes that help your mind and body relax. Keep reading and find out…


How to Get Your Best Night’s Sleep

  1. Prep for a chill morning after
    Reduce bedtime stress and feel more relaxed in the a.m. by taking care of chores, such as making lunches for work or school, and organizing workout gear, keys, wallet, etc.

  2. Journaling to relieve stress
    A physical journal (no devices, please) provides a space to unload concerns, reducing the need to unpack them mentally in bed.

  3. Curb caffeine early
    If you struggle with sleep, try drinking beverages without caffeine after lunch. For more dietary tips, head to Eat Well & Sleep Deep: Nutritional Tips for Better ZZZs.

  4. Time exercise wisely
    Yes, regular exercise can improve sleep, but it’s best to save strenuous workouts for the morning and afternoon.

  5. Wind down
    Aim to fill your evening hours with calming activities to avoid overstimulating your mind and body. Meditation, playing calming music, and reading are all great options. Dim lights, ditch the devices, and make sleep a priority.


We’ve just scratched the surface of sleep routine tips. For more, read 5 Sleep Hacks For Better Rest. You may be sabotaging sleep without knowing it. You may be surprised by 5 Possible Reasons You’re Not Sleeping.

So, why not try a few of the tips outlined above? You've got nothing to lose except an occasional sleepless night or two!

Do you have questions about how to support gut health and promote sleep?

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