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What Exactly is Mindful Drinking?


You’ve probably heard of mindful eating, but have you heard of mindful drinking? Yep, it’s a thing.

The concept puts the brakes on that all-or-nothing (dry January, etc.) mindset that often accompanies alcohol consumption. We decided to delve into this more conscious approach to booze.

One important disclaimer, mindful drinking shouldn’t be confused with getting sober due to an alcohol dependency or history of alcohol abuse.

Katherine Brooking, co-founder of the nutrition news company Appetite for Health, offers some thoughtful insight.

She says mindful drinking is centered on being mindful of what you consume and why.

Brooking suggests asking yourself, ‘Why am I drinking?’ Is it an event, like a wedding or holiday, where drinking is woven into the ritual? Is it a night out with your besties? Are you alone and bored?  And are you drinking to feel part of a group or to zap stress and sadness?

“It’s important to understand the rationale and emotions behind our decision to drink,” notes Brooking.

Nick Allen, CEO of Sunnyside, a mindful drinking platform, offers another reason to reexamine your drinking habits.

“The fact is that if your drinking habits are out of balance, or you’re overconsuming, it can be a big barrier to achieving wellness improvements in other areas,” Allen says.

For instance, even a glass or two of wine the night before can make that early morning fitness commitment more challenging. Also, you can learn more about How Alcohol Impacts Your Gut Health here.

Wondering how to start? We have some great tips to help you achieve and stick with your goals long-term.


  1. Skip the default drink
    For many of us, a glass of wine or beer is a quick, easy way to switch gears after a long day. How about forming a new routine? For instance, drink a big glass of water and take a walk or bike ride. Think of it as a speed bump for drinking.

  2. Savor your drink
    Who doesn’t love a carefully prepared craft cocktail or lovely Merlot? Mindful drinking experts say it should be a fun, pleasurable experience. Take a beat to appreciate the flavors of your drink. Is it in a fancy glass? Tasty garnishes? And what’s the vibe of the bar or restaurant? This will help you drink slower, which means a second drink may not be warranted.

  3. Have a game plan
    Before you head to that gathering, decide what and how much you’ll drink. Or perhaps a nonalcoholic drink is more appealing? There are many tasty options out there now. And if you’re at a restaurant, order first to avoid the “I’ll have what they’re having” impulse.

  4. Try alcohol-free spirits and mocktails
    Want to feel like you’re having something special but don’t want booze? From flavorful non-alcoholic beers to herb-infused mocktails, many delicious alternatives exist. Check out some of our favorites here.

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