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Understanding What Stress Does to Your Body

You’re out enjoying a weekend bike ride with your bestie, and then, out of nowhere, a vicious, snarling dog is in hot pursuit.

Before your mind can register the threat of the sharp canine teeth, your stomach churns, your heart starts racing, and suddenly you’re drenched with sweat. These are all classic signs that your body is in “fight or flight” mode.

Seeing this menacing mutt, your eyes forward the critical info to your brain – specifically, your hypothalamus. This small but mighty part of your brain secretes hormones that alert your body that it’s time to vamoose, AKA “fight or flight.”

This is your body on stress.

Read on to learn more about how stress impacts your body and how to manage it better.


Hormonal Havoc

OK, this is how it all shakes out. A stressful event triggers a hormonal stress response. These hormones – specifically cortisol – travel throughout your body to prep it as you prepare to face that mean dog.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, “During the fight-or-flight response, your body is trying to prioritize, so anything it doesn’t need for immediate survival is placed on the back burner. This means that digestion, reproductive and growth hormone production, and tissue repair are all temporarily halted. Instead, your body is using all of its energy on the most crucial priorities and functions.”

So, the stress response has its place. Our bodies and minds are built to handle the occasional acute stress situation. But when this flood of stress hormones flows nonstop, your health and well-being pay the price.

Chronic stress is a consistent feeling of being pressured or overwhelmed for an extended period. It’s not natural or healthy.


The Effects of Stress on Your Body

When you see the following laundry list of stress-induced health issues, you may take a long, hard look at your lifestyle habits. According to Healthline.com, stress can trigger headaches, stomach upset, increased risk of depression, and insomnia.

Add to that high blood sugar, risk of heart attack, fertility problems, low sex drive, and missed periods. And we’re just getting started!

Chronic stress infiltrates virtually every vital system in your body, including cardiovascular, digestive, central nervous and endocrine, muscular, reproductive, and so on. 

Concerningly, long-term stress weakens your immune system’s defenses, leaving you more vulnerable to infections.


How to Manage Stress

There are countless ways to help better manage stress in your life. Part of the challenge is making them everyday habits.

Regular exercise typically makes it to this list. That’s because it increases blood flow and helps flush out stress hormones. Read more about the Top 5 Mental Health Benefits of Exercise here.

It’s also essential to eat well and limit alcohol and stimulants. Well-nourished bodies cope better with stress. For more advice, head to What Does Using Food As Medicine Mean?

And no stress management list would be complete without recommending meditation, deep breathing, and yoga. For some simple breathing exercises, head to Why Meditation and Breathwork?

Managing stress is essential for well-being. Check out the Zenwise website for additional healthy lifestyle tips.


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