Probiotics Are NOT All Created Equal

The world of probiotic supplements can be daunting. You may be wondering, are probiotics beneficial for your health? And if so, are all probiotics created equal? In short, the answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no.’

Now, let’s take a deeper dive into these questions, and more.

The Role of Probiotics

Probiotics are made of good live bacteria and/or yeasts that naturally live in your body. You have both good and bad bacteria in your body. But sometimes this system gets out of balance and troubles may follow.

Studies are continuing on the positive impacts of probiotics on everything from skin conditions to digestive woes, and even body weight.

Probiotic supplements are a way to add good bacteria to your body. However, before making a purchase, read up on these key components to watch for.

What to look for in a probiotic supplement

The National Institutes of Health Office of Dietary Supplements says research has shown potential health benefits from probiotics, but they vary based on the probiotic strain used, and when and how they are taken.

Probiotic supplement may include spore-forming or non-spore forming bacteria strains. Both have distinct characteristics and benefits. 

Reliably Alive spore-forming probiotics

In supplement form, some of these hardy bacteria strains may promote healthy digestion and support immune function[i].

Bacillus subtilis, for example, has the ability to form a protective shell that protect the microbes from harsh conditions until they enter an environment ripe for germination, such as the gut.

This means it remains “alive” under a wide temperature range and doesn’t need refrigeration. In turn, it boasts “shelf stability.” 

Conversely, other beneficial probiotic strains are more fragile and can’t take the heat. They start to break down or die when exposed to the elements. That’s why you’ll see some probiotic supplements require refrigeration.

Experts recommend reading the product label closely to ensure that you store your probiotic supplement properly and use it within the expiration date.

Multi-strain probiotic supplements

Because different probiotics have different benefits, you may want to consider products that offer multiple strains. 

One study[ii] compared the benefits of multiple strain versus single-strain probiotic products. 

Researchers discovered that mixtures of probiotics had beneficial effects on multiple health conditions, while boosting overall gut and immune function. Based on the results of 16 studies, scientists found that multi-strain probiotics may be more effective than single strain ones.

However, multi-strains may not be the be-all-end-all solution, researchers admit.

Everyone has a different ecosystem of bacteria, therefore different needs. Some people take probiotics for maintaining everyday health, while others have a specific health concern.

Clinical trials[iii] show that different probiotics and dosages are effective for different conditions and situations.

Finding the perfect product

After reading all this scientific gobbledy goop, you may be feeling more confused than ever. Never fear, because Zenwise® offers a full-line of probiotic-based products. Some feature spore-forming Reliably Alive DE111® (Bacillus subtilis), while others add multi-strains. 

Our Kombucha and Probiotic-powered dietary supplements all start with Reliably Alive DE111® (Bacillus subtilis).

As we discussed above, this is a live, spore-forming probiotic that builds a shell around itself for protection to make it resistant to environmental factors such as temperature, so it is still effective when it gets to you.

DE111® promotes digestive health and a healthy GI tract and supports regularity, while also aiding against occasional constipation or diarrhea.† We’ve paired this powerhouse with four other commonly requested supplement needs, including: Sleep, Chill, Beauty, and Focus, and created a formula for each one of those.

Are you still scratching your head, wondering which probiotic product best suits your needs? Our Customer Service Team can’t wait to help! We’re available to answer your questions seven days a week at or M-F from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. at (800) 940-1972.


† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




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