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Having trouble focusing? It might be your gut!

Are you having trouble staying focused? It could be your gut telling you it’s not doing so great.

Lack of focus is one of the sneakier symptoms of poor gut health, but it’s not entirely surprising.  That’s right, the health of your gut microbiome impacts your overall health in more ways than you realize.

You see, when the bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms that live in your gut are in balance, the rest of your body is likely in harmony. But your gut will act out in various ways when things are out of tune from certain medicines, lack of sleep, stress, or poor eating habits.

Housed in your intestines, the gut microbiome has been nicknamed the body’s “second brain.” Research suggests that the gut microbiome communicates with the nervous system, ultimately affecting mood, focus, and concentration. Click here to learn more about How Your Gut Affects Your Brain.

“The gut and brain are connected,” explains Dr. Uma Naidoo, a nutritional psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and a Harvard Medical School faculty member.

 Evidence shows that microorganisms in your gut produce neurotransmitters in the brain that get used to affect processes like memory, learning, attention, and emotional regulation.

So, if you’re scratching your head trying to figure out why that simple cognitive task takes twice as long as it should … consider your gut health.


How to Support the Gut-Brain Connection

  1. Eat a healthy and balanced diet rich in fiber and fermented foods. Read Show Your Gut Some Love With These Swaps for more tips.
  2. Incorporate probiotics and prebiotics into your diet to promote the growth of healthy bacteria.
  3. Exercise regularly to reduce stress and improve digestion.
  4. Practice mindfulness techniques like deep breathing and meditation.

Maintaining a healthy gut-brain connection improves overall health and promotes optimal cognitive function. Research continues to show how gut health can significantly impact our mental well-being.

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