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A New Way to Kombucha


A New Way to Kombucha

At one point or another in our lives, our bodies have struggled in certain areas where wellness is concerned and may have required additional support. Oftentimes, it is not just one area, but multiple. For me, my struggle has always been a battle with dairy and the digestive upset it creates! So, what do most of us do next? We research and peruse the aisles at wellness stores in hopes of finding a remedy to our problem, but instead, we end up adding another item or two to our already long list of supplements—queue heavy sigh.

As a non-diet dietitian, I'm all about finding ways to improve the approach to health and wellness. If you're anything like me, you prefer the holistic route, and you're in constant search for foods, products, and supplements that help provide the support our bodies need to function properly. As we know, gut health is a central component of overall health. In order to have a healthy gut, it needs to have good bacteria, which helps the digestive system break down food, among other things. But let's not forget that other areas of our body may require supplemental assistance too. The most common areas that most of us struggle with are relaxation, beauty, mental stamina, and sleep, which are all a part of our daily functions to feeling our best. 

I know most of us have heard of and tried some version of kombucha, the probiotic-rich, fermented tea drink. If you've had kombucha, you are well aware of the bitter bite it has, and it's personally not one of my favorites. It can also be pretty expensive, so it's not sustainable in every lifestyle. But, there's actually a way to harness some of the benefits of fermented kombucha without the commitment to kombucha beverages, and the downsides that come with it. Personally, I feel that achieving and maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle shouldn't be too expensive or leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Enter Zenwise's new Kombucha + line!

Zenwise recently launched their new line of vegan Kombucha + Supplements that contain many of the amazing benefits in a quick daily capsule. It packs a 1-2 punch of gut-friendly probiotics while supporting additional areas we could all use a little support in. Each formula is made with a unique blend of vegan ingredients that help promote digestive health and support four additional areas. Their wonderful new line consists of four unique variations: 


Probiotic + Kombucha + Focus may help to support memory, clarity, and focus. It's a great supplement that can help to promote normal cognitive health. 

Probiotic + Kombucha + Beauty contains nutrients that may help support the body's natural collagen production and support healthy levels of elastin. Spending most of my days at home, lately there's nothing better than treating myself to this beauty supplement, a face mask and all the self-care that goes into my beauty routine.

Probiotic + Kombucha + Chill a unique formula that helps the body maintain balance while promoting a calm and positive mood. This is so important to overall health for me — taking a moment of Zen really allows me to gather my thoughts and hit the ground running each day.

Probiotic + Kombucha + Sleep  features a blend of ingredients that supports deep, restful sleep. That is one thing I'm sure most of us are in serious need of! 

    With this easy-to-take form of Kombucha, I no longer have to suffer through a fizzy, tart, and expensive drink. I'm so happy that I can get the added support in areas I feel are not always easy to maintain or nurture while sustaining great gut health. Also, by having a multifunctional supplement, I can get all the benefits I’m looking for a little bit easier.  

    With our lives continuously changing, daily stressors, and aging, it's safe to say we can all use a bit of help with focus, beauty, chilling out, and getting restful sleep. They've definitely made something for everyone in this amazing new line!

    Written by: Claudia Thompson, PhD, RD

    *This post is a sponsored collaboration with Zenwise. As always, all opinions are my own.

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