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6 Daily Habits That Impact Your Gut Health | Tips for Better Digestion

We are creatures of habit. And like it or not, we may develop routines and repeat behaviors that are not exactly healthy. Your gut health is especially sensitive to a few everyday lifestyle habits that can spiral out of control.

Keep reading, and we’ll shine a bright light on six wily gut health enemies. But never fear; we’re also here to offer ways to adopt new habits to slay these not-so-friendly foes.

  1. Stress: The Silent Gut Saboteur
    When you're stressed, your body releases cortisol, the “uh-oh” hormone, which can mess with your digestive system. You see, whether you’re worrying about an upcoming work presentation or stressing out over an overwhelming to-do list, your digestion (and general well-being) may pay the price. That’s because your stomach and emotional state are linked, so any change in everyday stress can impact your digestive health and the complex microbiome that lives in your gut. To find out more, head to The Impact of Stress on Digestion

  2. Poor Sleep: Nightmare on Gut Street
    Ah, sleep. That elusive, magical state where you dream of winning the lottery or getting fired. But when you skimp on sleep, your gut feels like it’s stuck in a horror movie. Poor sleep disrupts the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut, making it more like a creepy carnival than a peaceful meadow. Aim for those golden eight hours, and your gut will be singing lullabies instead of howling at the moon. Read Sleep and Gut Health to learn more about the importance of sleep.

  3. Exercise Adverse: The Couch Potato’s Curse
    Exercise: Some of us love it, and some of us think of it as a necessary part of life, like the DMV. But here’s the deal—your gut needs you to move it. Regular exercise is not just about staying fit; it's about keeping your digestive system running smoothly, like a well-oiled machine. According to the Cleveland Clinic, exercise is probably the best ‘medicine’ we have for your gut. “Your digestive tract is a muscle, and moving your body is good for all your muscles, your gut included,” explains Dr. Christine Lee. “When we’re physically inactive, the muscles in our gut become less active, too.” Read 7 Surprising Benefits of Exercise for more deets.

  4. Ultra-Processed Diet
    Picture this: you're at a party with a table laden with sugary treats and ultra-processed snacks. Your taste buds throw a rave, but your gut? It's crying in the corner. Diets high in sugar and processed foods feed the harmful bacteria in your gut, leading to bloating, gas, and general discomfort. Does a gut-healthy diet sound complicated and strict? Well, it doesn’t have to be! Read Show Your Gut Some Love With These Swaps for easy-to-adopt food hacks.

  5. Low Water Intake
    Water is life. Without it, your gut feels like it’s trekking through the Sahara. Dehydration slows down digestion, making you feel bloated and constipated. According to the Mayo Clinic, water and other drinks help break down food so that your body can take in (absorb) the nutrients. Water also makes stool softer, which helps prevent constipation. So, keep that water bottle handy and sip throughout the day. Your gut will feel like it's relaxing in a serene oasis instead of crawling through a desert.

  6. Alcohol Overload
    We all enjoy a good time, but too much alcohol can turn your gut into a chaotic carnival. Excessive drinking disrupts the balance of bacteria in your gut, leading to inflammation and other digestive issues. Picture your gut trying to recover from a never-ending hangover. Moderation is key – enjoy that glass of wine, but maybe skip the fifth margarita. Your gut will appreciate the breather. Find out more in our blog on How Alcohol Impacts Your Gut Health.


The Bottom Line

There you have it, folks – six habits that can make your gut throw up the white flag. But the good news? You have the power to turn things around. Manage your stress, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, eat whole foods, stay hydrated, and enjoy alcohol in moderation. Your gut will thank you with better digestion, improved mood, and overall well-being.

But let’s be honest: we all go through cycles of less-than-stellar daily habits. When life gets chaotic, Zenwise® digestive health family of supplements can help. Contact our customer service team, who can answer your questions seven days a week at support @zenwise.com or M-F from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at (800) 940-1972.




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