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5 Surprising Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

Ah, springtime! We’re throwing open the windows, delighting in daffodils, and eyeing those dust bunnies, cobwebs, and clutter that have taken up residence. 

Need a little added incentive to reunite with your rubber gloves, broom, and vacuum? It turns out that spring cleaning is good for your well-being. 

Yep, it turns out deep cleaning has a slew of health benefits. And while you’re busy detoxing your apartment, why not give your gut health a much-needed refresh? 

Keep reading and discover the five surprising health benefits of spring cleaning (not including all the coins and stale Cheetos you’ll find hiding in the sofa cushions!)


  1. Breathe Easier
    The American Lung Association reports that hundreds of thousands of dust mites (eek!) can live in bedding, mattresses, upholstered furniture, carpets, or curtains in your home, triggering allergies and asthma. Dusting regularly helps you breathe better by preventing respiratory issues and supporting a healthy immune system.

  2. Stress Less
    Feeling stressed out? According to the British Journal of Sports Medicine, just 20 minutes of cleaning can reduce stress and anxiety levels by as much as 20 percent. Dr. Dawn Potter, a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic,  explains why it can help. “Sometimes, if you’re faced with other problems that you can’t address at the time, or if you’re just feeling overwhelmed, you may find that cleaning helps you restore a sense of control,” she says. 

  3. Burns Calories
    Yep, you read that right!  Household tasks such as vacuuming, cleaning windows, or going up and down the stairs, a million times doing multiple loads of wash, can burn between 150 and 300 calories an hour. 

  4. Fewer Falls
    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in five falls causes a serious injury such as broken bones or a head injury. Reducing home hazards (like those Legos your kids “forgot” to put away) minimizes your risk of tripping and hurting yourself.

  5. Eat Healthier – Promote Gut Health
    It makes sense that how tidy your home is can affect your food choices. You see, while you’re detoxing and cleansing your home, it is the perfect time to address your gut health, too. Eating a well-balanced diet rich in probiotics and prebiotics will help support your microbiome. Head to our blog page for tips on how to Show Your Gut Some Love With Easy Food Swaps.  Or discover How to Change Your Gut in One Month.


Looking for more ways to support your well-being and gut health that don’t involve a drastic Marie Kondo undertaking? We’ve got you! Our customer service team is full of great advice. Reach them at support@zenwise.com or M-F from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST at (800) 940-1972. 

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