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5 Must-Read Gut Health Books to Master Your Wellness

By now, you have an inkling that gut health is more than the newest wellness catchphrase. And perhaps it is even nudging you to pick up a book (or 5!) to better understand how the gut influences every aspect of health.

At Zenwise®, we’re dedicated to sharing credible, science-backed gut health information via our blogs. We keep an eye on new research and how it affects your health and the lifestyle choices you make.

We don’t need to tell you that the Internet is bursting with gut health information. You’ll find pages of credible and some not-so-credible resources out there. That’s where we come in!

We combed through too many books to count and came up with five books that can provide you with a better understanding of gut health and its impacts. (Heck, there’s even a recipe book on the list!)

Dear health-minded ‘students,’ here’s your Zenwise® reading list. It’s not required reading, but it may boost your overall gut health grade!


  1. Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ

Can a book about your gut be informative but devoid of self-help-y language? The answer is YES! This primer covers everything you ever wanted to know about your gut in a funny and relatable way. And, yes, there are even infographics for the short-attention-span crew.


      2. The Mind-Gut Connection: How the Hidden Conversation Within Our Bodies Impacts Our Mood, Our Choices, and Our Overall Health

Dr. Emeran Mayer breaks down cutting-edge science, revealing how the brain, gut, and microbiome communicate. When this system is out of balance, the door swings wide for health issues such as obesity, depression, anxiety, and food sensitivities. Dr. Mayer offers a simple gut health improvement roadmap based on the latest research. 

      3. Healthy Gut, Healthy You

Researcher Dr. Michael Ruscio reveals how modern lifestyle changes and the widespread use of antibiotics have made our guts more vulnerable than ever before. But there’s hope! Restoring this crucial part of your overall health improves the performance of your whole body from the inside out - and it's easier than you think to get started. 

       4. The Microbiome Solution: A Radical New Way to Heal Your Body from the Inside Out

This author urges readers to adopt a new gut health mantra: Live Dirty, Eat Clean. The book sets out to prove that every serious disease or chronic ailment begins in our gut.  This top gastroenterologist distills the latest research on the microbiome and follows up with a practical program for boosting overall health.

       5. Of Cabbages and Kimchi

According to Amazon, author James Read is on a mission to smuggle bacteria into our kitchens. “From the fiery funk of kimchi to the velvet tang of kefir, James describes the microbial process, then shares his recipes for recreating these wonders in your own kitchen - no specialist equipment required.” Sounds like a page-turner to us!

And finally, are you wondering why mainstream media bursting with so much gut health content?

Gastroenterologist Aditya Sreenivasan offered CBS News this answer:

“The main reason it’s becoming so common is that there’s more and more data and understanding that what’s happening in our gut … is associated with all kinds of much larger health outcomes – more than just what we typically used to think as GI issues like ulcers, gas bloating or colon cancer.”

It’s downright exciting because, at this very moment, researchers worldwide are studying how gut health impacts everything from obesity to cancer rates. Yay, for life-saving science!

For more gut health advice, visit our Digestive Support page and take a 2-minute quiz to find your digestive solution.

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