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4 Ways to Stress Less This Fall

Summer is winding down. Fall – with all its pumpkin spice and leaf turning goodness – is almost here. So, how come you feel stressed out? Experts say seasonal transitions, in general, can do a number on your mental health.[i]

What’s more, with continuing concerns over COVID-19, Fall 2021 offers more than the typical back-to-school stressors.

Can we solve all your occasional stress issues in a short article? Not quite. But we have gathered four surprising ways to navigate the season to help you stay healthy – both physically and mentally.

1. Limit Media Consumption

Do you constantly monitor the latest news headlines? You’re not alone. A 2017 study[ii] conducted by the American Psychological Association, states that a whopping 63 percent of Americans report they are stressed out over the future, and the constant news consumption was tapped as a likely trigger.

Although troubling news never stops, you can limit your time doom scrolling. Allow yourself finite times to check on current events – everyone has their own tipping point. Timing is everything: do not check news before bedtime. Also, try balancing your news consumption with a dose of uplifting news (there really is such a thing!).

2. Good Enough is Usually Fine

Sure, it’s nice to have your home tidy with amazing meals doled out nightly. But is it realistic? Not really. Experts suggest adjusting your standards. Are your expectations unreasonable? Redefine success and stop striving for perfection, and you may operate with a little less guilt and frustration. For many tasks and chores, "good enough" is usually fine.[iii] The world won't end if you pick up a rotisserie chicken for dinner or skip thrice-weekly vacuuming.

3. Nurture Social Connections

During times of uncertainty and stress, it’s especially important to find your tribe – folks with whom you can share your frustrations without reprisal. Maybe you can’t change a frustrating situation, but that doesn't mean your feelings aren't legitimate. Don't underestimate the value of a phone call, coffee break or walk with an understanding friend. Chances are you'll feel better after voicing your aggravations, both large and small. (Just remember to flip the script and be a good listener when your friend needs an ear.)

4. Self-Care

Have you ever noticed that when you’re stressed out, it leaves your stomach in knots? In turn, managing occasional stress can help lower inflammation in the gut and ease GI upset. The above tips are great starting points but don't forget a healthy diet, adequate hydration, and simply taking a breath when you need it. Your body will thank you because it can focus on absorbing the nutrients it needs, keeping your immune system humming along.

Whatever the season, when occasional stress makes the scene, consider adding targeted dietary supplements.

AVA-Certified Vegetarian Zenwise® DigeSTRESS features chill and digestive proprietary blends to help keep mind and tummy at peace.†

This product includes DE111®, a clinically studied Reliably Alive probiotic that supports gut health, normal bowel movement, and immune function.† Plus, a second probiotic, LactoSpore®, works to support gut flora.† DigeSTRESS also includes Sensoril® Ashwagandha that promotes focus, clarity, and relaxation from external stressors.† Additionally, there’s Rhodiola Root Extract to help with normal stress.†

Everyday stress is probably not going to leave anytime soon. However, you can change your response to situations so stress and digestion can both be managed.

For more advice about the best supplements for your individual needs, contact our knowledgeable customer service team. Reach them at support@zenwise.com or M-F from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST at (800) 940-1972.

And as always, all Zenwise® products are backed by the "Eat Freely...or its Free" guarantee!

Zenwise®. Then Eat.


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