3 Must-Have Supplements to Feast Easy for the Holidays


Whether it’s big turkey dinners with the family, leftover Halloween candy, fast-food runs during hectic gift-shopping trips, or comfort food after a stressful day with crazy in-laws, our digestive systems get quite a workout when the holidays are in full swing.

To help your body handle your holiday menu, we’re here with some ideas that might help your inner foodie get through the holidays with a little less inner grinch.

Digestive Enzymes &‌ Probiotics

When it comes to gut health, some people can benefit from digestive enzymes and probiotics, kind of like a pretty bow on a gift.

Some of the most common foods can be the hardest to digest. Everything from fried, spicy, and processed foods to certain fruits, veggies, snacks, and desserts can give your gut a run for its money – and we’re not just talking food comas, either.

Stomach troubles such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, lethargy, and poor nutrient absorption can be quite common.

So, just imagine how much tougher it is when traditional holiday foods are involved!

By taking digestive enzymes with probiotics before those big holiday dinners, you could have less gas, bloating, constipation, and stomach discomfort thanks to the enzymes’ ability to break down hard-to-digest foods with ease. Meanwhile, probiotics support your overall gut microbiome, as well as immune function.

Green Tea Extract

Many health-conscious people swear by green tea for its powerful antioxidant support that aids skin, immune, and heart health.

But, did you know that its components have also been shown to be good for your metabolism?

Green tea extract contains a rich source of EGCG, catechin that has been proven to increase metabolic function. This is especially helpful for those of us that avoid stepping on the scale when the holiday feasting catches up.

Plus, green tea extract also bolsters thermogenesis, which is the body’s way of burning calories to digest your food better, while also providing a gentle boost of jitter-free energy to help you snap out of your food coma and stay sharp.

And when looking for the benefits of green tea, adding them to your daily routine in the form of green tea extract supplement can be easier than drinking so many cups of traditional tea.


With family to care for, schedules to juggle, and meals to prep, let’s say the “most wonderful time of the year” is also the most one of the busiest. Add that to everything else in the world, and our plates are fuller than ever. 

The problem is, all of this activity and change in routine can disrupt our digestive function.

In those cases, digestive systems may not be able to absorb nutrients as well as usual, which can lead to poor sleep, fatigue, diarrhea, indigestion, and reduced appetite. But thankfully, 5-HTP‌ is a great way to help manage these effects on our bodies.

5-HTP is a naturally-occurring amino acid that the body utilizes to produce serotonin to improve your mood and sleep quality. In a calm state, the digestive system is more likely to keep the gut going in a normal function. 

Supplements for Bloating and Digestion

Supplements to get you through the holidays

Keeping calm and optimal digestion sounds like a win-win to us! If you agree, be sure to include 5-HTP in your holiday health regimen.

We hope these recommendations will give your digestive tract the advantage it needs to stay on track for the holidays. As always, if you have any questions or comments for us, feel free to leave a comment below.

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