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10 Health Apps That Help You Manage Your Well-being

We all know the saying: There’s an app for that. And boy, this is especially true when it comes to health and well-being pursuits.

So, how do you decide which nutrition, diet, fitness, meditation, yoga, and gut health apps are the best?

As you know, scads of apps are vying for a spot on your smartphone home screen. But which health apps are worth your time, energy, and money?

Alas, we’ve rounded up a list of our ten favorite health apps that will help you track your fitness goals, develop better eating habits, find a moment of peace, and more. (Not going to lie; it was tough to choose just 10!)

Note: Some options have monthly subscriptions, while others offer in-app purchases or are entirely free. There's something here for every price point and health goal. Do your research, as many have free trial offers.

Smartphone addicts: It’s time to tap into your new favorite health and wellbeing app below.


  1. Best Meditation App: Headspace
    Let’s face it; we could all use meditation's stress- and anxiety-relieving benefits. But it can be daunting. This app makes it easy. You can start with as little as three minutes of guided meditation.  Cost varies.

  2. Best Mental Health App: TalkSpace
    Get matched with a licensed therapist, meet in the comfort of the app, and message via text, audio, and video. Cost varies.

  3. Best Hydration App: Waterlogged
    Are you trying to boost your water intake? This one is great for tracking, as well as reminders to keep sipping throughout the day. Free.

  4. Best Trail Tracking Social App: Strava
    Not only does it help motivate and track your daily runs or cycles through town, but you’ll also get to share your trail and follow your friends’ adventures. If you have a competitive spirit, this is for you. Cost varies.

  5. Best Integrated Health App: Apple Health
    If you’ve got an Apple device, this is already installed and ready to go. It syncs with your wearables, too. Free.

  6. Best Nutrition Tracking App: MyFitnessPal
    This app makes keeping track of what you eat a little easier. We like it because it makes you accountable without making you feel guilty. Free with in-app purchases.

  7. Best All-In-One App: Fitbit
    Paired with the Fitbit device, you’ll have all your readings in one place, including steps, exercise, sleep, and calorie consumption. We also love it for its sleep-tracking feature. Free with Fitbit device.

  8. Best Yoga App: Down Dog
    Down Dog is known for its inclusiveness, multiple class levels, and ability to customize your yoga practice. You can filter the yoga style, teacher, and class duration. Cost varies.

  9. Best Healthy Recipe App: Yummly
    With more than 2 million recipes, Yummly is our answer to ‘What’s for dinner tonight?’ Cost varies.

  10. Best Gut Health App: Cara Care: IBS, FODMAP Tracker
    Monitor your digestive health to learn more about the connection between your mind, gut, nutrition, and overall well-being. Cara Care lets you track food, stress, poop, tummy pain, and individual factors to create a personalized health diary. Cost varies.

When selecting a health app, you’ll want to consider your health and wellness goals, the cost, and the ease of use. After all, no one likes cluttering their phones with apps that never get used!

Looking for more support in your health and wellness journey? When it comes to digestive health, Zenwise® has got you covered. Contact our Customer Service Team, who can answer your questions seven days a week at support@zenwise.com or M-F from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at (800) 940-1972.


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