Probiotic+ Beauty™with Kombucha

Probiotic & Beauty Blend plus Kombucha

Key Benefits
  • Supports Natural Collagen Production†
  • Promotes Skin Elasticity and Firmness†
  • Supports Overall Digestive Health†
  • Promotes smooth, glowing skin†
Key Ingredients
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Key Ingredients
  • Clinically Proven DE111® Reliably Alive™ probiotic colonizes in the small intestine to support healthy gut function

  • Gut Health Blend with kombucha powder and Gingever™ supports digestive health

  • Beauty From With Blend plus Dermaval™ supports collagen and promotes skin elasticity

Healthy Gut, Beautiful Skin
Supports Elastin and Collagen Production

Clinically studied Dermaval™ is a unique blend of pomegranate, quercetin, camu camu and other fruit extracts. Research suggests that it delivers antioxidant protection and supports skin elasticity and firmness. Plus, our Beauty from Within Blend with silica and hyaluronic acid promotes hydration, collagen production, and smooth, glowing skin.

The Key to Healthy Skin is a Healthy Gut

Gut health is the foundation of beautiful skin, because when your gut is are you. 1-Billion CFUs of DE111® probiotic plus our exclusive Gut Health Blend with kombucha [fermented tea] powder, Gingever® ginger root and Apple Cider Vinegar supports healthy digestion and ease occasional stomach discomfort.

Reliably Alive™

Clinically proven Reliably Alive™DE111® is a spore-forming probiotic that builds a shell around itself for protection, so it can survive through the stomach and arrive alive in the small intestine. It starts working within hours of consumption to support digestive health. It’s also shelf-stable and needs no refrigeration.

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